OXA Smart 1000W Ultra-Compact Handheld Garment Steamer, 20s Fast Steaming with 2 Brushes, Portable Fabric Clothes Steamer – Portable, Safe, Lightweight and Perfect for Travel & Home (Blue)


  • 【SUITABLE FOR ALL TYPE OF CLOTHES】This clothes steamer can clean all the kinds of clothes you wear in your daily life. Materials it is suitable for include, organic fabric, silk, cotton, nylon blend, wool, linen, polyester blend and embroidery. Get one steamer and clean your entire wardrobe.
  • 【FOR HOME USE AND TRAVELING – ANYTIME ANYWHERE】Traditional steaming of clothes requires a heavy, cumbersome ironing board that is inconvenient to handle and no one can take it traveling. To solve this problem, we have developed this portable steamer to help our customers keep their clothes in the best condition anytime, anywhere. Say goodbye to the steam board from now on – lighter weight, more convenience, better results!
  • 【DEEP STERILIZATION AND KILLS BACTERIA】When you steam your clothes with this steamer, it will effectively kill bacteria and viruses present on the material. It’s not only great for clothes; it can also be used to steam clean your bed sheets and curtains.
  • 【POWERFUL & STABLE】It heats up in just 20 seconds. The 1000W power produces large amounts of steam quickly and runs continuously for 6-8 minutes. No need to wait for steam again!
  • 【SAFE & CONVENIENT】Features a steam push-button that saves water and energy. Release steam only when you need it. It also prevents puddles and spills and means you needn’t worry about hurting your hands or the fabric. It also comes with auto shut-off protection to prevent over-heating or running out of water.



  • The OXA Smart Handheld Fabric Steamer provides a natural garment care solution. This compact, lightweight and portable steamer is powerful enough to penetrate deep into the clothes, thus provideing a natural garment care solution.
  • Our all-natural steam care solutions are a 100% chemical-free way to freshen and steam wrinkles from your fabrics. It heats the water in only 20 seconds and runs continuously for about 7mins.


– Please check if the voltage indicated on the base of the appliance corresponds to the local mains voltage (110-120V) before you connect the appliance to the power.

– Please keep the plug on a dry condition before use.

– Please check if the power cord is not broken before use.

– It was not suggested to pull out the plug on a violate action after steaming which will cause damage to the steamer power cord.

  • Move slowly and keep vertical up-or-down movement at constant speed, letting steam penetrate and soften fabrics fully. NO wrinkles on any fabric at any moment.


– Never fill beyond the Max fill line printed on the water tank, since too much water inside will cause water spit out.

– Never turn the unit upside down or tile past a 45°angle.

– It was suggested to clean the steam generator after 15 days continuous use.

– To get much more steam come out easily, it is recommended to poke a few holes around the steam vents hole.

  • Very easy to use, heats up incredibly fast, in less than 20 seconds.


To get a lot of steam and better steamer results, you need to wait for 20s heats-up time.

  • The 1000 Watts of power produces a powerful and consistent steam, removing all wrinkles from your garments, upholstery, drapery, bedding, table linens and more.

  • Marry christmas to your friend. This can be a best usful gift



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